Life Cycle of an Indigo Plant

This photo log documents the growing season of a Persicaria Tinctoria Indigo plant from seed through dye. The plant began to germinate after 18 days in the soil. Planting seed was covered in germination.

Day 18

Seed visible at center with radicle beginning to emerge and root. This was an unusually extended germination period because of the cool temperatures (40s and 50s F) and lack of light, as the seeds were planted just days after the winter solstice in Los Angeles, CA, 2015.
Day 18, Persicaria Tinctoria.jpeg

Day 20

Radicles emerging from a set of seeds (center) take root as the cotyledons begin to become visible as they swell within the seed coat.
RDay 20, Persicaria Tinctoria.jpeg

Day 21

Cotyledons begin to cast off the seed coat and spread to initiate photosynthesis.
Day 21, Persicaria Tinctoria.jpeg

Day 24

Shallowly planted seed was displaced by the rains and congregated at the edges of the seed bed containers.
Day 24, Persicaria Tinctoria.jpeg

Day 33

First true leaves emerge from the hypocotyl.
Day 33, Persicaria Tinctoria.jpeg

Day 35

Second leaves begin to appear on more mature seedlings.
Day 35, Persicaria Tinctoria.jpg