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This is a collective resource for information regarding growing Indigo : information for the cultivation, propagation, harvest and use of this dye plant. Please join the community to contribute your experience and knowledge to these pages as well as engage in discussions.

This page was started in the fall of 2015 to support anyone participating in the #indigrowing project with information on how to care for, harvest, process and dye with their plants. The community is open to all who are interested in this special plant. This information will accumulate over the months and years, please be patient and feel free to ask questions and contribute!

Natural Indigo

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This site is particularly focused on all practical aspects of the species Persicaria Tinctoria, Polygonum Tinctorum, Dyer's Knotweed, Japanese Indigo: same plant, different name. This species produces indigo pigment within its leaves. This pigment can be extracted and used to dye all natural fibers
a range of blues.

So You've Got Some Seeds

Below are a series of links detailing specific instructions and individual uses of the plant. Please refer to whatever topic you are intersted in. The list below includes some topics that are currently under exploration and some that will be fleshed out as the project's first generation of plants come to maturity. Please request any information that you don't see listed.
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Specific Topics

Online Resources